[ NOTE : this is just my opinion tbh ! i know there are many more songs that would probably fit into this category, but these are some of my favs that i listen to a lot ! ]

1. my universe - stray kids

stray kids, kpop, and skz image
STARTING OFF STRONG WITH MY ULT GROUP !! this song is so beautiful, i literally tear up everytime i hear it ^__^

2. we ride - brave girls

kpop, purple, and yuna image
i highly recommend this song if you like more retro songs !

3. pporappippam - sunmi

2020, korean, and kpop image
this is such a good song ! it makes me feel like a princess !! <33

4. fairy of shampoo - txt

txt image
this is such good song ! if you like songs more on the more chill side, this song is definently for you!

5. day 1 - red velvet

red velvet, kpop, and joy image
THIS SONG IS SO UNDERRATED !!! it always puts me in a good mood + it sounds like an opening to some silly romantic anime :] also where is rv ?!?! i need my summer queens back <//3

6. insomnia - yukika

yukika image
this is such a pretty song ! all of yukika's songs sound like the sparkle emoji omg.

7. fool - nct 127

nct and nct 127 image
this song gives me so much serotonin !! it's such a cute song too !!

8. loonatic - loona

loona, hyunjin, and choerry image
this song is laced with smth cuz as soon as it starts, it transports you into another world !!

9. i wish - seventeen

Seventeen and ot13 image
this song is so amazing !! def a song to listen to when you're missing your crush / significant other !! if you like this song, i highly recommend listening to together (which is also by seventeen) !!

10. la la love - wjsn

wjsn image
OUR LAST SONG !!! the vocals in this song are so pretty !! this song is upbeat but relaxing .. if that makes sense !?! i love it so much though !