• Elissabat
black, hair, and purple and black image brits, jade thirlwall, and little mix image
I feel like her hair would be black on the outside and purple on the inside, but veeeery long like the second picture
aesthetic, black, and dark fashion image black, cut, and tumblr image
These ripped stylish gothic pantyhoses
black, boots, and dark image alt, alternative, and archive image
Image by •Adorable Princess• acrylics, alternative, and fashion image
Of course purple eyes and long nails
grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image
This whole outfit
fashion, égirl, and alternative image aesthetic, dark, and goth image
Any black sexy top like these
corset, gothic corset, and valentine gift image corset, gothic corset, and purple and black corset image
vampire, lips, and purple image
Her lips. Periodt.
aesthetic, butterflies, and drawing image
Maybe even floral lilac heels on summer
goth, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, alternative, and purple image
These makeups
aesthetic, alternative, and black image
Black skirt but imagine bats instead of butterflies
faux fur, outfit of the day ootd, and spring summer image
This outfit
jewelry and necklace image Abusive image
BAT NECKLACE and even pearl jewerly
black purse, black accessories, and etsy image purse and gothic fashion image
Small purses or those with spikes
  • Venus
aesthetic, hair, and color combination image green and pink image
We all know her iconic hair
closet, clothes, and green image fashion and outfit image
Maybe green corsets and tops
home, denim, and fashion image body, clothes, and dungarees image
And jeans bib
barbie, blush, and glam image aesthetic, barbie, and dark pink image
I can see her wearing one of these boots
bag, fashion, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and green image
Omg maybe these green pants
fashion, heels, and shoes image
bag, Balenciaga, and Logo image
bag, fashion, and green image
nails and fashion image fashion image
aesthetic, blink, and cherries image butterfly, necklace, and jewelry image
I don't think she would wear a lot of jewerly but if she did it would be things related to nature
accesories, ear, and fashion image earrings, jewelry, and piercing image
But ofc a lot of ear piercings
butterfly, eyebrows, and eyeshadow image
I saw this makeup and thought it was perfect for her
eyes, freckles, and girl image
Or maybe something simpler like that
Image by ✨𝘀𝗮𝗺✨
This combination
fashion, pink, and aesthetic image Image by Ꭱ
The white shirt and pink top with a jeans skirt
aesthetic, model, and site image
Even an outfit like that
furry, fuzzy, and bucket hat image
  • Cupid
casual, fashion, and photography image Image by 𝐌𝐎𝐙𝐙𝐀
Honestly both of them are perfect for her
shoes, fashion, and heels image
boots, fashion, and hearts image black, shoes, and boots image
And those boots
aesthetic, accessories, and pink image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
Heart earings and necklace yey
pink, aesthetic, and outfit image
This skirt is so her
chanel, outfits, and chic image
This outfit
beauty, bow, and fashion image
Pink tops
shirt and street style image
White shirt and black top YES
pink, shoes, and heels image
This socks and boots scream Cupid
white, gloves, and fashion image aesthetics, bathroom, and glam image
White gloves
red, shoes, and aesthetic image
I know she does not wear red but this socks could be the exception
Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽
pink, shoes, and fashion image
Again, HEELS.
Image by maria leonidou fashion image
Pink purses
fashion, girl, and makeup image pink, girl, and aesthetic image
Cute makeups
black, college, and outfit image fashion, style, and skirt image
Pink college girl skirts
bag, denim, and fashion image
hello kitty, simple casual look, and outfit inspiration inspo image
Even some destroyed cropped tops
nails, red, and heart image
And cute hearted nails
  • Operetta
Image by Jp64
Red hair obviously
goth, grunge, and outfit image
aesthetic, inspo, and outfits image
I am not sure what this is but I loved it
amethyst, beautiful, and goth image casual, chanel bag, and comfort image
lips, lipstick, and nail image
This lips?
girl, outfit, and red image
I can see her wearing this whole outfit
clothes, fashion, and girl image
Velvet shirts yess
fashion, outfit, and red image emo and goth image
Maybe I am crazy but oversized pants
fashion, girl, and style image aesthetic, fishnets, and grunge image
This fishnet socks
barbie, biker, and black image
I can see her being this sexy
boots, aesthetic, and combat boots image
Or this grounge
archive, heels, and png image
Or even THIS grounge
archive, goth, and spiderweb image
This shirt
black, dice, and earrings image
These earrings were obviously made for her
bag, heart, and mode image
Red purses
fashion, grunge, and nails image
Long and sharp red nails
aesthetic, black, and goth image
This outfit
awesome hair, hair, and hair style image makeup, red, and beauty image
beautiful, lilac, and outfit image
Ripped purple dress sometimes
fashion, red, and north face image
Furry coats yes
alternative, cool, and indie image
This necklace
  • Abbey Bominable
black girl and white hair image Image by kawaii kanye west
White long hair, and with those colored wicks
Image by Private User
White mascara
Image by 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢 aesthetic, shoes, and simple casual look image
White boots
boots, fashion, and pink image
Maybe even this white boots with pink details
clothing, diva, and furry image
Full furry outfits
christmas tree, etsy, and merry christmas image
This necklace
accessories, fashion, and jewelry image
And rings
80, clothes, and purple image
This dress
casual, fall, and pantyhose image details, detalhes, and kpop image
White warm pantyhose or even these glittery ones
Image by MOLLY
Her actual nails are literally like this so I won't even try to change that
dress, angel, and baby image
fashion image
I can see her wearing this "corset"
cyber, pale, and platform image fashion, shoes, and blue image
Also THESE boots
Image by 🦷 makeup, blue, and glitter image
fashion and chanel image
This shirt
Image by O H H O N E Y png image
Again, furry purses
aesthetic, archive, and vintage image fashion, lilac, and style image
Maybe I am crazy but 70's PANTS
purple image Image by ╰➤ ナオミ !!
These stylish glasses
blue, aesthetic, and cute image hair, fashion, and girl image
Any white-blue-purple-pink beret
accessories, gem, and blue image
Also some body jewerly
  • Gigi Grant
hair and style image paramore, band, and hair image
Orange and pink hair obviously
tattoo, girl, and dragon image
But this hairstyle
clothes, pink, and pink and orange image
These heels? Idk
dress, fashion, and girl image
bag, chic, and fashion image
Pink and orange cardigan
makeup image Image by lulutemmiinck
She would SO wear neon makeup
Image by maria leonidou
I don't really like this shoes but they look exactly like her actual ones
earrings, gold, and chunky earrings image
Gold hoop earrings
nails, orange, and starbucks image aesthetic, art, and blue image
Orange nails or even colorful ones like these
pink, shoes, and fashion image
Even some Gucci you know what I mean
delicate, earrings, and girly image
This is literally her ear
Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿
These pantyhoses
choker, dress, and dressing image choker, dress, and dressing image
streetwear, black outfit, and black crop top image Image by mabettesoliveira
I dont know these trousers names but yall KNOW what I mean
black hair, body, and boobs image
Orange corset for sure
blue, euphoria, and green image
Even these
fashion, outfit, and style image
Some golden shirts maybe
Image by mabettesoliveira
The Sant purse
Image by mabettesoliveira

I LOVED doing this so if you want a part 2 please let me know