hello! today i wanted to post something completely different from what i’ve been posting regularly, after weeks of full stress in my college life and no social life, this seemed a way for me to just have fun. this a harry potter related article, but it’s not a tag or a challenge - this is something that i did with my family years ago and i thought, why not share it with the internet? so, here it is, my pottermore experience with my family.

if you did the same or after this you're thinking of doing it, please tag me in your articles! I want to know how did it went for your family! also, I'm thinking of posting a version 2.0 with my friends, let me know if you want it!
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this all started back then when i was a huge harry potter fan, and my family enjoyed the movies as well. me and my dad love to role play so we decided to take the ‘pottermore’ quiz and see who belongs in which house.
for this i’ll give you an introduction to my family and me, so you can take your guess first and then, i’ll present the results from ‘pottermore’ and tell you which house is for each member.

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let’s begin!
  • father
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my dad is a intelligent, a bookworm, but at the same time, athletic kind of guy. he was - apparently- very popular at school because of sports and did not have good grades because of child trauma with the death of his parents too young, but as the way i got to know him -as my father- is a smart and witty man who cares about people and their needs and sees knowledge as the number priority when it comes to make a change.
  • mother
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my mom is a complete mystery. She’s one of those people who loves one thing and then turns to another. a person who is not okay with injustice, but at the same time, lost the faith in the fight and the movements. is such a smart woman and so strong, but at the same time, one of the saddest. she had to deal with a lot of past traumas like my father and worse, but she managed to keep getting bigger, better, stronger, and smarter.
  • me
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i’m the oldest in my family and i’m one of the loneliest. i’m a bookworm like my dad, but also love to write, to think, to sing and to dance. i’m one of the most loyal people i’ve ever met in my life, i don’t give up on my friends even in their lowest, but that also caused me a lot of pain, because is not a two-way relationship. i tend to give more than what i get. i don’t trust very easily and when i do, i tend to do it very soon and -most of the times- i get hurt. but, after all, i’m a girl thirst to learn and try my best.
  • brother
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he’s the youngest in the family. he -like the most of us- haves his own issues, but i think he’s the happiest from the four of us. loves to cook, and dance in ridiculous ways. he tend to not take everything seriously, but when he does, he cares a lot. a big heart in a big body - because he’s the tallest. he -when he doesn’t let his issues get in the way- loves to enjoy life, and now more than ever, family and friends.

those were, kind of very honest review about my family. a little dark, maybe, but the idea is to present to you my family in the most raw and honest way, so you can guess which house we will get.

we did this one night in which one of us was asking the questions and we had to answer. that way no one knew each other answers and it was a surprise to all. it was pretty intimidating but so fun at the end.

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do you have your guess? gryffindor, ravenclaw, slytherin, hufflepuff? good, because now, i’ll give you the results.


  • brother
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he was the third one to take the quiz, and -being completely honest- it was no surprise that he got this result. I couldn’t imagine him in any of the other three.


  • mom
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this was kind of a surprise, i expected gryffindor or something like that but here we are. after a while i understand why.


  • dad
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for me, this was obvious. i couldn’t see him in any other house. he was really happy with his house, he is proud until today.


  • me
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when i was younger i was so happy with this choice because of the characters and the book/movie, but now i kind of grew up on it. i’m happy with it.
i absolutely loved to see that each of us got different houses, but also now I understand why we can be a little chaotic, like... me and my mom, wow!

thank you for reading!
i hope you had a good time or enjoyed this article. and again, if you decide to do the same with your family or friends please let me know in a way, and see you next time!

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