I always told you you could do better
You should've listened to me from the beginning
You could've already been with her
But know she'll never love you like me

Late night with dreamy eyes
Talking till sunrise
But now she'll be by your side
While I'm only a memory stuck in your mind

When she keeps you up at night
Will it remind you of me?
Chances are most likely not
Cause it'll be for something differently

Sleepy voice with her name in your mouth
Would you remember how mine even sounds?
Everything we planned and talked about
You'll finally get to do it all with her now

I heard you wrote a song about me
You'll probably write her one too
At least she can never have our history
But maybe she'll be the first to hear the two

I only ever saw you twice
Is that enough to keep me in your head?
Will you tell her you were once mine?
When you're with her, do we finally come to an end?

I know I need to let you go
Cause I know you're slowly moving on
It doesn't help that we're not close
But I know your feelings for me will be gone

You never told me the three little words
Were you ever even in love with me?
Cause I know then, you'll finally
Have the courage to say I love you to her


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