Hi guys, today I come to share with you some habits that I have introduced in my daily routine and that have made me feel better, physically and psychologically.


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I usually practice yoga right after waking up, usually for 15/20 minutes. This helps me to relax my body and control stress. Makes me feel balanced. If you have never tried it, I recommend the application "Yoga for Beginners / Mind + Body".

healthy food

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Lately i have been trying to reduce the consumption of food from animals, so i have been eating more vegetables and fruits and trying new recipes.


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Earlier this year I started following Pamela Reif's workout videos and, since then, I have been training at home daily. It makes me feel active and better with myself.


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Write thoughts, ideas, goals, feelings.


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Contemplate nature and the little things that surround us.

Always remember that inner peace is the key.