~ Hi everyone! Welcome to my We ♥ It account. ~

My name is Mélissa but all my friends call me Mel or Mémé for the older ones among them.

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I'm still a high school student, majoring in literature (I'm a big book fan ;) ), being 17 years old, but my last year is coming to an end, getting closer and closer to my exams as well as my start at university in September to become a librarian.
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I am French, born in the city, but now I live in the country in the family house with my mother, my father and my little brother who is still in high school and will soon enter the professional school. I was and still am for two weeks in boarding school, sharing my room for 2 years already with my best friend.
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My life is based on positivity and productivity. I like to spend a lot of time with my friends and recently with my boyfriend. I'm the one who tries to keep everyone smiling, hating gloom and preferring more the joy of life. I try not to worry and just enjoy what I have. I love being outside and doing all kinds of activities but I can also be very homey and stay at home alone. I am self-sufficient, I try to be organized and productive every day of my life although, I admit, there are times when I don't do anything and don't find the motivation to do what I should.
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I love to cook, it's something I've been doing since I've been home alone (with my brother) for a few years. I like to eat healthy although I have a real penchant for Burker King style burgers/fries, pizza and Asian food, especially if I can enjoy them in front of my computer.
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I'm a big fan of all things 80's and 90's especially music and sometimes movies and series like Breakfast club or 16 candles for Sam. I love movies and series, especially romances, Netflix will always be one of my best friends.
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I have a style that brings out my homebody side, usually wearing hoodies and mom jeans. I wasn't always comfortable with my body and it's since high school that I really decided not to calculate the look of others and to wear what I like, not caring anymore what a girl should wear to please or to be in agreement with what society "prescribes". Today, I love my body, no matter what flaws it might have.
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I am a feminist, although I think that this term should not exist since everyone should be. Today, too many women are abused, assaulted or even just judged for who they are physically and there is still too much inequality and gap between them and men. I fight for what I am and what I want for the future world.
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I imagine many times what my future life could look like and I have for the moment in my plans to travel somewhere else than France and to build a life that I would consider from my point of view perfect.
This life I will share with you through articles on this platform because I love to share my stories and experiences with others. You will be able to follow my life advice, my future projects as well as a simple day in my life and others.
Do not hesitate to give me ideas of what you want to find on my account, advice that you want to have if for example you are also a teenager or a teenager to whom something poses problem, send me messages, I am open to all.
See you soon!
Mémé ;)