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These are the dreams, goals and wishes I want to achieve by the end of spring or in the nearest time.
I will try to be specific to make it easier for my Angels and Heavenly helpers and my Soul. Let's begin:

Madeira or Mallorca (island seaside life)

enjoy sun, sea, beauty of luxury costal life. Somehow this place attracts me

girl, travel, and sunset image
blue, Houses, and madeira image landscape, portugal, and madeira island image beach, black, and green image bikini, blue, and body image

fit and slim body

girl, summer, and beach image fashion, fitness, and abs image

be confident vegan frutarian

colourful, tanned toned body, and fit image fruit, food, and healthy image

fall in love

truly madly deeply
find my soulmate

couple, madeira island, and nature image
amazing, summer, and boy image hugging, love, and boy and girl image Greece, holiday, and love image couple, love, and beach image
Image by Eduarda

That's what I dream the most,
now let's manifest some material things

melissa shoes and new phone

Melissa, rock in rio, and mickey image photo, purple, and iphone 12 image

new laptop for travelling

aesthetic and computer image coffee and pastels image
apple, macbook, and pink image