Post 30 facts about yourself

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  • I was born on October 5th 2001
  • I'm 19 years old
  • My best friend is exactly two weeks younger than me so we're both libra and we have the libra sign as matching tattoos
  • I have three tattoos and a navel piercing
  • I'm naturally blonde
  • I live in Upper Austria
  • I drink 5 to 10 cups of coffee a day
  • I graduated high school last year
  • My favorite subject was always P.E.
  • I am currently working as a waitress at a mountain cabin
  • My hobbies are skiing and cycling
  • My favorite drink is Gin Tonic
  • I used to be super scared of dogs but now I love them way more than any other animal
  • I have a younger brother
  • My two best friends live only five minutes away from me
  • I got a car half a year ago but I'm still working on my driver's license
  • My favorite decade when it comes to fashion are the '00s
  • The show I'm currently addicted to is Sons of Anarchy
  • I've played the guitar for 14 years
  • I am not a morning person
  • I love vintage posters
  • I have never been in a serious relationship
  • My workplace on the mountain is one of my favorite places
  • I am really bad at saving money
  • I'm a smoker
  • I love summer but my body hates it and I get heatstruck and sunburnt constantly
  • My mood switches between Spongebob and Squidward
  • I hate eating fish
  • My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias
  • I have three tattoos and a navel piercing
  • My music taste is anything between Hornet and Palaye Royale
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I just wrote down whatever came to my mind so these facts are really random and probably not in order of relevance.
This was actually harder than I thought.