Hi guys, I’m so happy to be back with an article focused on self care and self love!

I came up with a bunch of ideas that I'm sure could help you feel better in your body, and eventually will make you forget about whatever you're going through.

Without any further ado, let's hop into today's article! ☀️

1. Water plants 🌱

Plants, as humans, need constant care. So if you've been putting off taking care of your plants in your house/room, this is your sign to go and give them some water. Happy plants mean a happy life!

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2. Watch a light movie 🍿

From Breakfast at Tiffany's to Sex and The City, and to FRIENDS, any of the movies/series put out in the world is fun to watch if you're putting your attention into them. My suggestions are showcased above, in all of the photos.

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3. Exercise 🤸🏻

Yes, I know, I know. Exercising sounds difficult until you actually get to do it! I have tried so many times to get myself to do at least some yoga and sometimes I fail. But, in the end, it's very, very important to get moving every day, if possible (whether you take a walk, do some yoga, go biking, etc.).

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4. Bake 🧁

Baking is soooo fun to do whenever you want to try something different. Plus, they're all homemade so of course, they taste better and they are simply just much healthier than anything bought.

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5. Read 📖

If there's something I'd love to do forever, without interruption, it would be reading, definitely. I love diving into a new world, with new characters (be them nice or annoying) and finding unspoken truths within the pages.

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That’s it for today,
Catch you on the flip side! 👋🏻