His fingertips laced with golden strands of light and peace,
hers filled with nothing, colorless, but still full of protection and honesty
his filled with beautiful lies only to protect those he loves, though her honesty protects more

where both are next to the other in harmony,
her colorless strands spread slowly into her protection, fading away
when they touch, his gold turns to silver
no more they must stay away from one another
they both wonder about the other

a city where when the clock strikes 8 she will rise and he will fall,
still he stands tall
the moon and sun on the other side

but was it really her that made him colorless
no, for it was what he said that made him that way
his lies, no matter how beautiful they were and said only for protection, is what led his color to fade away
slowly he turned into the moon himself, and the girl who was once shunned away to be washed out of all things beautiful, slowly began to see that exact thing
gold cleansed her white dress and her eyes shined as bright as the sun itself
a golden halo resting on the top of her head
his power now hers

she walked over to the boy who was faded in grey and extended her hand
for she knew how he felt, once considered an outcast herself

she held out one finger
he looked at her, his silver eyes full of confusion
but he still held up the exact same finger, and with that she touched hers to his

tiny sparks sprang up
they filled the earth
and stars filled the sky
going up high

the moon and the sun conjoined
becoming one as they truly were
she the moon with light as strong as the sun
he the sun with color as little as the moon

together the stars
who navigate a way for those on Earth,
whether it lead to destruction or peace
the both work in harmony