Full Name: Ashanti Awkantaras
Stage Name: Ash
Age: 21
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Musical Genre: Pop, RnB, Rock, hiphop, soul
Band Name: Spell it with an E


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How she got into music

She had always been a good singer and her parents had signed her up for many music lessons when she was younger. So she learnt to play the guitar, piano and the violin. She never considered even being a professional musician but then a talent agent discovered her and she ended up with her own Disney musical show. After leaving Disney, she struggled to find her own sound but soon joined the band 'Spell it with an E'. They had so much in common and she enjoyed making chart topping music with them for three years. She then left the band to focus on her own sound and create her own music.

Band Members


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The lead guitarist with a killer high pitch which could give Sam Smith a run for his money. Luka is not only the 'pretty boy' of the group, he is also kind of a goofball.


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Malcom can sing, he can dance, he can rap and he plays the drums. With so much to offer to the group, Malcom definitely plays a huge role in adding to the 'wow' factor of the group, making their stage performances so much more entertaining to watch.


Ethan is the self proclaimed leader of 'Spell it with an E'. He created the band and pretty much brought everyone together. He, along with Ashanti write most of the group's music and design their sets. Ethan is the chief creative producer of the group and is always thinking up ways to make the group relevant. He plays an array of instruments, makes beats and has a unique voice that just adds that special sound to the group.

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Instruments She Plays

Piano. Guitar. Violin

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Singers that she admires

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Ariana Grande, BlackPink, Christina Aguilera, Jhene Aiko, Mereba, Nina Simone, Chloe and Halle, Jacob Black, Giveon, One Republic, Labrinth, Frank Ocean, Bob Marley, Maverick City

First Performance

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Desperate to prove that she was more than just a Disney kid, she stunned in this semi formal outfit. Being part of a group, she had to match with the guy.

First Official Concert

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She tried to find a balance between being too girly especially since she was in a group with only guys

On the Tour

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After getting more comfortable in the group, she completely embraced her girly side while still finding a way to compliment the group. The shorter dresses were mostly worn where dance numbers were involved.

Last Show as a Member of the Band

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The guys were sad to see her go but they understtood that she wanted to grow as a solo artist. She still includes them in a lot of her music and they remain great friends. The last sgow was pretty emotional.

Special Guests

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Jorja Smith, Jaden Smith, Chloe and Halle, Dua Lipa, Hailee Steinfeld, Shawn Mendes, Khalid, Niall Horan