inspired by

your first kdrama

Korean Drama and kdrama image chaeyeon, tae oh, and ji soo image
my first first love

last drama you watched

kdrama, w, and w two worlds image kdrama, han hyo joo, and lee jong suk image
w- two worlds apart

currently watching

hyun bin, crash landing on you, and yoon se ri image drama, 2019, and crash landing on you image
crash landing on you

top four actors

Image by 𝔸ℝ𝕄𝕐 ⟬⟭⁷💕 Image by 𝔸ℝ𝕄𝕐 ⟬⟭⁷💕
lee jong suk
actor, korean, and park seo joon image park seo joon image
park seo joon
actor, gong yoo, and asian image handsome and gong yoo image
gong yoo
actor, korean, and lee seungi image actor, korean, and lee seungi image
lee seungi

top for favorite actresses

actress, girl, and kim go eun image korean, actress, and girl image
kim go-eun
park min young image park min young image
park min-young
beautiful, so hyun, and unnie image kim so hyun image
kim so-hyun
idol, lee jieun, and kpop image iu, woman, and lee ji eun image

favorite kdrama osts

drama, love, and korea image kill me heal me image
kill me, heal me

kdrama you've watched more than once

drama, the school nurse files, and kdrama image kdrama, jung yumi, and nam joo hyuk image
the school nurse files

underrated drama you like

kdramas, kimheebibi, and part time idol image amigos, asia, and kpop image
part time idol

kdrama that made you cry

goblin and lee dong wook image couple, goblin, and header image

least favorite kdrama

rain, kdrama, and cute image shopping list, wish list, and kdrama image
i am not a robot- not sure why but i just didn't like it

kdrama which gave you the worst sls

alternative, funny, and kpop image al, beautiful, and cinderella image
cinderella and the four knights

fav kdrama couples

Korean Drama, kdrama, and dorama image drama, goblin, and Korean Drama image
sunny and the grim reaper- goblin
kdrama, couple, and park min young image ?, kim, and Secretary image
lee young-jun and kim mi-so- what's wrong with secretary kim?

fav kdrama

drama, romance is a bonus book, and Korean Drama image boys, kdrama, and dorama image
romance is a bonus book
exo, Korean Drama, and مسلسﻻت كورية image marriage, white, and kdrama image
because this is my first life