I don’t need your support now
Even if I don’t have any panties on

In my heart and mind
I know I deserve better

I'm too understanding for less or mediocre

Give me a reason or leave me alone

Stop popping your head in my door only to leave me wondering for hours when you’ll actually sit and stay a while

I can keep company
I can love others

I am my company
I am that love

You’re wasting me
You’re ignoring me

And I’m leaving you soon
I’m leaving you soon

I’m leaving my interest behind
I’m leaving my fantasy behind
And I’m blowing you off

I’m taking my sexy
My humor
My conversation
My time
And the space that you take up in my mind somewhere else

You’re being evicted

You have been evicted

This is the last thing you’ll get from me
This is all you’ll have of me
A poem

A poem that I said is never write about you
Because it’s like a final sentence

A point of no return
I’ve held it off for a long time

Time that’s been wasted

- 11:43 p.m May 8th, 2021
I was listening to Garden by Sza