Learn digital photography - about newborn photography.

Many people say that film photography is outdated and if you are going to dabble in this art, you should choose digital photography. Then, some people comment that film photographers are more skilled because they lack the help of technology, while digital photographers comment that it is technology that helps them create better photos. So, which is the true path to photography? Make your decision after reading this article...

Digital photography has changed a lot over the years, and even if you're not a professional photographer, you can easily see the difference. It seems like just a few years ago you were using film cameras instead of the 10 megapixel digital cameras of today. By the way, digital photography isn't limited to cameras. Just look at cell phones and video cameras. They can both take pictures of gadgets that just a few years ago would have never been heard of.

The popularity of digital photography for these mediums has definitely contributed to the popularity of digital photography. You simply point the camera at your subject, press the shutter button, look at the photo, and then decide to keep or delete the photo depending on your preference for it. It just seems so simple. Doesn't it?

However, some photographers complain that this practice of photography has diminished the true value of art. They claim that photography should be an art and that you must take it seriously. You should be carefully framing shots, deciding on angles and lighting, and challenging your photographic skills, rather than simply taking a photo and deleting it when it doesn't feel right. It is completely unacceptable that you rely heavily on photo editing software to make your photos look better.

Now, whether or not improvements in digital photography technology can help you be lazy is a matter of debate. Because of the argument that digital photography offers a lot of flexibility, photographers can not carry a variety of ISO films, and it is cost effective, photographers can simply delete unfavorable photos instead of wasting a frame on film.

Many photographers also believe that they can produce better photos with digital photography because they can immediately look at the photos and decide what to do with the problematic ones. Imagine taking a group photo at a birthday party, only to find out that the birthday star had her eyes closed while the photo was being taken. Now, that certainly ruins the mood.

However, you can use digital photography to prevent this from happening. You can review the photos you took and decide to let everyone go when the photo is good. And for the so-called flawed photo, you can use photo editing software to edit it into a candid photo and you've turned something unfavorable into something interesting.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can take advantage of digital photography and ignore the proper techniques to get the ideal photo. Imagine that you are developing a career in digital photography. Is this the attitude of a professional photographer who tries and fails before submitting a photo to a client?

After talking a lot about digital photography, I hope you understand that film and digital photography do have their advantages and disadvantages. You can still see die-hard film photography enthusiasts out there, even though this method is said to be as outdated as digital photography looks beautiful.