#16 wayv- regular

lucas, ten, and winwin image lucas, wayv, and nct 127 image
unoriginal but it's my fav version of regular so :)

#15 dreamcatcher- chase me

dreamcatcher, stage, and lq image aesthetic, kpop, and wind blows image
i don't listen to this song like at all but it's not in the very least bit bad

#14 momoland jjan! koong! kwang!

jane, Nancy, and jooe image jane, lq, and hyebin image
it's a fun song but definitely not the best

#13 izone- la vie en rose

girls, kpop, and ot12 image lq, izone, and ot12 image
i think this is a pretty unpopular opinion??? i got into them during violeta and I don't think I ever listened to la vie en rose more than twice...

#12 red velvet- ice cream cake (not counting happiness)

concert, edit, and icons image red velvet, joy, and wendy image
not a bad song I just don't listen to it often at all

#11 ateez- pirate king

the star, 에이티즈, and naver image fellaz, ateez, and kq fellaz image
i remember passionately hating this song but hongjoong's part saves it immensely

#10 got7- girls girls girls

got7, yugyeom, and bambam image got7, bambam, and yugyeom image
i actually really love this song I haven't listened to it in so long

#9 everglow- bon bon chocolat

kpop, purple, and stage image concert, eu, and kpop image
i think a lot of people really like this song but it's one of my least fav everglow title tracks... not bad tho I love it esp the dance

#8 cherry bullet- Q&A

stage, cherry bullet, and hands up image hands up, stage, and cherry bullet image
i absolutely love this song .. legit cherry bullet never misses

#7 twice- ooh aah

Halloween and twice image twice image
i cannot express how much I love this song.. i seen people ranking this song so suspiciously low....

#6 bts- boy in luv

bts, rm, and jhope image bts, rm, and suga image
I'm not even gonna explain but iykyk

#5&4 blackpink- whistle/boombayah

lisa, rose, and jennie image kpop, lisa, and roseanne image
boombayah was that bitch and whistle.....? lord I love you blackpink.. never making bad songs fr

#3 itzy- dalla dalla

girls, kpop, and yuna image lia, lq, and yuna image
literally so good. when it came out I had it on repeatttttt.. itzy ilysm ..

#2 woo!ah!- woo!ah!

Lucy, lq, and ot6 image Lucy, lq, and ot6 image

#1 stayc- so bad

isa, j, and kpop image isa, j, and kpop image
one of the best songs to ever exist.. i will never not have this on repeat