Hello my loves,
I've recently been getting more into astrology and I wanted to share my big six.

I was inspired by:

Sun in Taurus
(Sun sign dictates your overall personality and identity)

Intelligent, hardworking, dependable
Stubborn, dedicated, loyal
Generous, kind, understanding

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Ascendants in Sagittarius
(Ascendant sign dictates your social personality and the first impressions you give off)

Courageous, clever, confident
Love adventures, generous, justice-loving
Good sense of humor, independent, optimistic

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Moon in Capricorn
(Moon sign dictates your mood, emotions and your inner self)

Stable, ambitious, disciplined
Business-oriented, reliable, hardworking
Sarcastic, loyal, loving

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Mercury in Taurus
(Mercury sign dictates how you communicate and express yourself)

Funny, sarcastic, realistic
Authoritative, opinionated, stubborn
Practical, hard working, very deliberate

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Venus in Aries
(Venus signs dictates how you behave in relationships and with love)

Flirty, passionate, impatient
Energetic, loves the thrill of the chase, playful
Impulsive, fall for people quickly, exciting

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Mars in Cancer
(Mars sign represents the driving force behind your actions. It defines your instincts and aggression)

Strong, loyal, sensitive
Dependable, protective, creative
Passionate, imaginative, moody

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I hope you all enjoyed this article!
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