So now I'm making an OC fic. Taking the general idea of Tecna and twisting her around for this new universe the writers have created for Fate.

Changes to her name (Tecna is too on the nose) and backstory abound.

Basic Info

Name: Levina
Nickname: Lev
Year: Same class as Stella, Riven, and Sky
Family: Adopted by two mind fairy empaths, Fowling told her that her real parents were specialists who died during battle with Burned Ones
Fairy Type: A specialist turned technology fairy, after she discovered her powers at the end of her first year at Alfea


Conceitual, hand, and pale image aesthetic, blue, and hands image blue, electricity, and electric image hacker, tech, and mr robot image Image by Hey, Nice Marmot art, cinema 4d, and digital art image
Technology fairies are a result of microevolution from air, earth (metal), or lightning fairies. More and more in the last few generations have been discovered, suggesting that they may one day be as common as other fairy types.
lightning, teen wolf, and thunder image
light generation (how lightning strikes create dazzling light because the current of charges heats the surrounding air very quickly)
gif, magic, and mystical image
current/lightning/plasma generation and manipulation
beauty, gif, and girl image
technopath/technology manipulation, anything from simple inventions (i.e. lightbulbs) to computers
cool, eat, and magnet image
creation of electromagnets (this is not the same as metal telekinesis or manipulation of electromagnetism)

Eye Color Change

eyes, pupil, and grey image
Electric white-gold, like a current is running through her irises


color hair, dyed hair, and grunge image girl, pastel, and grunge image girl, hair, and sunglasses image art image
shoulder-length magenta/purple hair (naturally brown hair), aqua eyes


much like the original Tecna

quotes, aesthetic, and blue image anime, friends, and sailor moon image idiots, smart, and surrounded image aesthetic, beyond, and blue image quotes, emotions, and intellect image aesthetic, teenagers, and black image
Strategic, cool-headed, logical. Because of her time with her empath parents, she's learned to dissipate her feelings well, essentially for their comfort, but also for privacy, so they don't know what she is feeling 24/7 and bother her about it. This presents a problem when learning to summon her magic through emotions.

Spoilers below


Dowling actually found her as a 1-2 year old baby in the ruins of Aster Dell after Rosalind was captured and subdued. She believed the child to be from a non-fairy family who lived at Aster Dell as, over the years, there was no sign of Levina using any magic. Dowling lied to her and her adoptive parents, claiming she knew Levina's birth parents, that they were specialists for the Queen's army, and gave Levina doctored evidence for such, in order to cover up the truth of where she had come from and the tragedy surrounding Aster Dell. Dowling had Levina enrolled as a specialist. When she discovered her powers, she questioned Dowling, who lied and said Levina must have inherited magic because her bloodline was dormant. Levina discovers the evidence Dowling gave her about her birth parents is a lie. In addition, she reasons she must be from a fairy family, rather than from a dormant bloodline, because of the amount of power she has. She gets caught up with Beatrix and Bloom.

Her born name is Tecca - Cornish origin