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I. When did you discover them?
↳ September 1st, 2018

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II. Who was your first bias?
↳ Taehyung

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III. Who is your bias now?
↳ Taehyung

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IV. Who is your bias wrecker?
↳ OT7 (no, I'm not okay hELP)

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V. Who is the funniest?
↳ All the members have such different senses of humour but they all make me laugh so I can't choose (^ ^ ;)

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VI. First comeback?
↳ Boy With Luv

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VII. Favourite title?
↳ Blood Sweat & Tears

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VIII. Favourite album?

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IX. Favourite collaboration?
↳ Steve Aoki (Mic Drop)

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X. Favourite era?
↳ Wings

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XI. Favourite song?
↳ Still BS&T

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XII. Favourite run episode?
↳ Honestly I'm not sure, I really need to watch more of them.

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XIII. Favourite quote?
↳ "Giving up is the birth of regret. Never give up on a dream that you've been chasing almost all of your life."

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