hi! I just came up with the idea for this article because I realized that I subconsciously assign an hogwarts house to every show I watch (I know it's weird ahah). Hope you enjoy reading my article :)


friends image aesthetic, badass, and blue image white, magnus bane, and aesthetic image models, beauty, and dress image
gossip girl (2007-2012)
candle, fire, and aesthetic image moon, night, and sky image Image by gioia witch, book, and quotes image
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020)
pretty little liars, pll, and message image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, crime scene, and fbi image coffin, death, and flowers image
pretty little liars (2010-2017)


theme image 60s, aesthetic, and inspo image beautiful, breakfast, and hipster image Image by ♡
friends (1994-2004)
awesome, beautiful, and couple image 70s, 80s, and aesthetic image alternative, books, and aesthetic image beautiful, hipster, and stairs image
dawson's creek (1998-2003)
hippie, lifestyle, and sleep image couple, love, and bed image uno, game, and photography image photography, sun, and tumblr image
new girl (2011-2018)


80s, 90s, and music image aesthetic, autumn, and coffee image awesome, child, and daughter image books, color, and colour image
gilmore girls (2000-2007)
Image by Private User Houses, neighbourhood, and streets image quotes, aesthetic, and draco malfoy image birthday, cake, and candle image
modern family (2009-2020)
classical, musician, and orchestra image scream, space, and quotes image dreams and time image aesthetic, coffee, and couple image
the umbrella academy (2019-)


vintage image autumn image Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ green, aesthetic, and grass image
anne with an e (2017-2019)
Image by gioia couple, hands, and aesthetic image room, home, and interior image Image by gioia
skam (2015-2017)
forest, trees, and green image stairs, house, and staircase image dark academia, aesthetic, and friends image unicorn, forest, and magic image
the magicians (2015-2020)

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