Hi guys <3 I love reading poetry from time to time, depending on your mood I think it's so helpful
and I love to find beautiful pieces. Here are three authors that write to the day I enjoy reading.

R.H. Sin

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My favourite book of her is "She just wants to forget", she has lots and they´re all so pretty.

Amanda Lovelace

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I personally only read one book from her but I've reading lots of poems here and there, people have recommended her poetry to me and I'll have to as well.

K. Tolnoe

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This author is my fav, I absolutely love her. I think she's amazing. I discovered this author through a friend, all her books are beautifully written, I clearly left the best for the end, you have to check this out. (in my opinion haha don't come at me on this one pls)

I feel like reading a book of poetry is not as common today, I know people that think it's absolutely boring but I find it fascinating. I hope you like these authors (:

♡ if you have further questions my dm's are open

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