Hi everyone and welcome to my very first article!

I might do another article to introduce myself properly. Until then let me shortly present myself. I'm Marie and I live in France, and I've been on WeHeartIt for as long as I can remember! I also looove fashion if that wasn't obvious considering what my page is mostly about.
Now let's get into the article :)

I've always been a winter person, the main reason being that I love to hide in warm and comfy clothes. But summer is on its way (in less than two months already ah!) so I have to prepare my wardrobe.

Straw Hats

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I've seen them all over my Instagram lately, and I absolutely love them. They bring that little Mediterranean vibe to your summer outfit, and they prevent you from sun rays!

Colorful Bikinis

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Words can't express how much I love them. As long as I am a preacher of pastel tones (90% of my wardrobe is), colorful swimsuits bring me so much joy.

Flannel x Bikini combo

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To combine your colorful swimwear with. And just imagine yourself, on a chill day at the beach, or laying on a boat. Wouldn't a flannel be perfect?

Wool Shorts

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Everyone has been head over heels for homewear this past few months, and I won't complain!

This Shade of Blue

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If anyone knows the name of this shade, please contact me asap. On a serious note, I love this color and I can't wait to find clothes that match it for this summer.

White Dresses

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This one is kind of self explanatory, but I'm sure you can already feel the wind blow while you're wearing one of those and act like you're the main character in your cottagecore house.


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Some inspiration for daytime!


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And finally, for nighttime, my favorite.

Hope you enjoyed my first article :) I'll see you soon x

You can take a look at two of my collections as well (one for clothing, one for summer, obviously!)