Have you ever created an pet account for your pets on Instagram and felt like no one’s noticing your account no matter how good it is?Well it’s an very common thing on instagram.There’s million of pet accounts on instagram and only some of them have noticed by people. So in this article,you can learn on how to have an successful pet account on instagram.
Pictures of your pets doesn’t need filters from instagram or snapchat,but you do need to edit them with preset filters.You can use VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Afterlight. To edit them with preset filters,make sure you pick a theme/aesthetic for your account because you don’t want them to be an mixed theme/aesthetic. Remember, adding too many filters makes your account look nonprofessional.So go with the simple and minimalist one.

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Taking pictures of your pets at night makes it look like an photo dump. Most importantly,you have to take the pictures from the right angle where your pets look cute or unique not weird and scary. You can take funny pictures not too funny.The particular reason for the circumstance is we want people to see the post and wanna see more,not to unfollow,never coming back to your account or something like that.
Dressing up your pet doesn’t really look professional,so don’t go with that.

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Well,you can be funny here.The caption has to look like its the pet who’s writing them. That makes people love your account and your pet. The caption has to be funnier than the picture.
-I’m bad to the bone
-Some days just meant for laying on the floor
-Thanks fur the memories
-Howl you doing?
-Hope you have a pawsome day
-Anything is pawsible

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hashtags are a must have in instagram post.You have to choose the right hashtags for the pictures. Add at least 24 hashtags per post. Whenever you’re adding your new post o your story,add hashtags and hide them behind the post.

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You have to post very often but do not post too much. Stay tune for part 2

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