Do this if you're bored, sad, or just don't know what to do. Find inspiration in this!

1. Meditation, exercise, exercise

2. Take a shower or bath with foam, bombs

3. Write something in your diary or diary, make a beautiful design

4. Take an online course

5. Read the book

6. Write a letter and send it

7. Make a plan for the week, write goals for the coming year

8. Make a birthday card

9. Take a photo

10. Go to a concert, museum or art gallery

11. Take a walk in the park

12. Play music, create a new playlist

13. Start learning a new language

14. Ride a bike, roller skate or skate

15. Plant something, buy succulents

16. Try to tie something

17. Draw something

18. Learn to play some musical instrument

19. Do Something Weird