Hey, WHI people! I'm so happy to be back with another article that is focused on self-care and self-love!

I came up with a bunch of ideas that I'm sure could help you feel better in your body, and eventually will make you forget about whatever you're going through.

Without any further ado, let's hop into today's article! ☀️

☀️ water plants
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Plants, as humans, need constant care. So if you've been putting off taking care of your plants in your house/room, this is your sign to go and give them some water. Happy plants mean a happy life!
☀️ watch a light movie
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From Breakfast at Tiffany's to Sex and The City, and to FRIENDS, any of the movies/series put out in the world is fun to watch if you're putting your attention into them. My suggestions are showcased above, in all of the photos.
☀️ exercise
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Yes, I know, I know. Exercising sounds difficult until you actually get to do it! I have tried so many times to get myself to do at least some yoga and sometimes I fail. But, in the end, it's very, very important to get moving every day, if possible (whether you take a walk, do some yoga, go biking, etc.).
☀️ have a photoshoot
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If this isn't your thing, you can always skip it and cut it off from the list. But I really enjoy having photoshoots either with a friend, my boyfriend or by myself. They put me in a good mood because I know that I get to edit them after, and that's what excites me the most.
☀️ bake
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Baking is soooo fun to do whenever you want to try something different. Plus, they're all homemade so of course, they taste better and they are simply just much healthier than anything bought.
☀️ deep-clean your house/room
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I think it's really important to clean your house/room every week as there's a lot of dust that can easily get on the shelves and you get to inhale it every day... Which is not too beneficial for you, truth be told.
☀️ take a long bath
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I myself don't enjoy taking baths that much because I like saving water, but I do always enjoy a long shower. I deep cleanse, shave, and all the other good stuff. I feel refreshed and new when I'm done.
☀️ read
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If there's something I'd love to do forever, without interruption, it would be reading, definitely. I love diving into a new world, with new characters (be them nice or annoying) and finding unspoken truths within the pages.
☀️ pet a fluffball
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I'm soft-hearted when it comes to pets, especially cats & doggos. I would pet them every second. (But I don't even own a pet, so yes...life's hard!) No, but really, petting your fluffball is soooo beneficial - it brings you peace and it makes you focus on the present and just be there with them.
☀️ visit your favorite cafe
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If you know me, you know I'm a lover of coffee and latte art. So most of the time, I'm visiting a new/old favorite cafe in the town. This gives me such good vibes, I love doing that especially because I like watching other people around me and, I don't know, being outside really brings me peace and happiness.
☀️ listen to music
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Any day comes packed with music, for me. I cannot imagine life without my music playlists or my CDs (because I enjoy collecting some, as well). Music makes me happy and it brings me into a good mood and I just cannot do anything but lipsync to the words.
☀️ call a loved one
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Yes, it counts as self-care. Calling a loved one puts you in touch with other humans and it can boost your mood so quickly. It's important to stay in contact with the ones you love, especially during this tough period of time when physical contact is limited (hopefully, not that much longer since we've got vaccines now).
☀️ create mood boards
Moodboards are really cool because they can inspire you so easily. I'm often inspired by fashion, coffee posts, travel photos, and tech.
☀️ play a game
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Pretty self-explanatory, but games are cool because they make you forget about the real world and you enter another dimension. I personally don't play too often but when I do, I make sure I have a fun round.
☀️ sleep
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Sometimes, sleep is everything that we really need in order to feel better. And if that's the answer for you right now, go ahead, pull the curtains, read a book (or not) and drift off into a nice, sound sleep.
☀️ order food
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I don't do this very often but when it happens, I like a good amount of pizza or sushi for myself!

This is all for today's article. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! :)
Take care of yourselves. It's really important to be okay with yourself just as much as with everybody else.

Lots of love,

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