i'm literally crying rn, goodbye. i can't control my tears my discord sister just told me that she forgave me and that we can be sisters again. i literally cannot rn. please someone save me from my suffering she said that i shouldn't runaway whenever i literally told her i was running away, of course due to her sweet words i didn't. and i'm proud of myself for not. if anybodies listening to my article or reading it, please remember i'm always here for you no matter what. i love u so very much and please stay strong. there is so much stuff to do in life. you won't have food if u runaway, you can't shower, you'll be sent to a shelter and sent back to your parents. please don't runaway. i've tried continuously, due to my parents they stopped me from doing it even though i still wanna do it, i stop myself. there is a God out there if you need help please direct message me on instagram. @weluvyouvert ; i love you all so very much please stay strong. i'll try responding quickly. i love you.