Hey all,

Welcome to this collaborative blog series where I walk you through how I used the lovely fabrics available at Fabriclore to sew up some garments.

Through this blog series I will help you understand what sewing patterns are and how to use these patterns to sew your own garments at home. I will introduce you to some great designers and places where you can download free patterns to test your new skills. We will start with simple beginner friendly patterns, learn to hack these patterns and move up in complexity as we progress through the series. This blog is also meant to give you inspirations on the different types of garments the Fabriclore collections can be used for. By the end of this, you may never need your tailor again .

So come join us in this exciting sewing journey!

For the first post, I have chosen to make a simple sleeveless crop top called the Ashton Top by Helen’s Closet Patterns.

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