hi guys! <333
- i think i'm gonna start writing on here again. i used to write frequently, but i was on hiatus for quite a long time...

  • this won't be much, but i hope yall will like it, or at least enjoy it <3
  • i wasn't sure how to start off this article, but this will basically be a compilation of interactions i've had with my crush so far 🙈
  • i won't be using his real name, but the nickname i gave him, which is flan like leche flan, but flan bc he always wears flannels 😂💀

all the interactions we've had so far:

𝟏.) 04.?.21
backstory: it was my second day, and i had to do computer work or "classes" as they called it and while i was working on my stuff, in the corner left of my eye, i saw someone sit down in the office chair. instead of his chair facing the computer, HIS CHAIR WAS FACING ME. i didn't want to check, so i looked at the reflection of the tinted window in front of me to see who it was... IT WAS HIM- and when i knew it was him just from seeing his hair, i froze bc i didn't know what to do.

- me: *computer work, yay 😃*

- flan: *sits in the office chair maybe 6 feet away from me, on his phone facing me*

- me: *iS FROZEN*


𝟐.) 04.26.21 (this has two interactions!)
backstory #1: was doing my work on the computer and in the tinted window in front of me, i thought they were one way and i could see who's downstairs, and they wouldn't be able to see me. BOY WAS I WRONG- i saw him downstairs, and i was like, "a lil peep won't hurt, right?" so i decided to just watch him from afar, but after he turned that corner when i saw him, HE REALLY HAD TO LOOK UP WHERE I WAS-

- me: *gasp* omg it's him! i'll just see where he's going or idk

- flan: *turns right around the corner when i saw him and looks up*



backstory #2: i had just got off work and was waiting outside for my ride. at the same time i was waiting, i was wishing that he'd come outside for literally no reason, just so i get to see him. guess what?! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

- me: *outside, wishing for him to come out for no reason*

3 minutes later

- flan: *comes out with a cart to put back*

- me: *is sh👀k, eyes wide*

- flan: *goes all the wayyyy to the front near to where i was standing to put the cart back*

- me: 😳😳😳, watches him leave

𝟑.) 04.29.21
backstory: i was a new hire and the woman who interviewed me introduced me to him

- flan: hi :)

- me: shyly says hello :")

  • while i was working, a customer asked if i knew where the wedge pillows were, and ofc, as someone new to the job, i didn't know where those were, and perfect timing, he was there!

- me: *sees flan* "hey, do you know where the wedge pillows are?"

- flan: *assists the woman*

(i wish i could've been able to thank you. you have no idea how thankful i was seeing that you were there, so for that, thank you <3)

𝟒.) 05.03.21

  • i'm in my aisle, doing my work
  • he walks in, to check or scan something
  • i get flustered bc he's there
  • we make eye contact
  • leaves and comes back again to check something
  • ... MORE eye contact
  • i'm over here, holding this heavy ass ladder to stock the top shelf
  • he's in my way, so i'm just awkwardly waiting for him to finish
  • he asks, "oh, do you need to go through?"
  • i say, "oh, no, i can just wait until you finish" bc the place where he was standing was where i needed to place my ladder
  • eventually he leaves but COMES BACK AGAIN???
  • leaves, then was about to walk through my aisle until he realized i was still there when we locked eyes that he stopped so fast to go to the next aisle (THIS PART MADE ME SMILE AHAHA)
  • passed by each other and made random eye contact... could mean something or nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️

𝟓.) 05.05.21

  • felt that someone was upfront, so i looked up to see who was in front of me and i saw that he came from the bathroom
  • he was already looking at me and ofc, i got flustered that i immediately looked down and instead of walking past him in the same path, i swerved to the left, avoiding him bc i didn't have the guts to walk near him 💀
  • he came to my aisle, i noticed he was there and he noticed my presence
  • when i went upstairs to take my break, i went to the locker room to wash my hands, then he suddenly walked in
  • looked back to see who walked in while i was washing my hands and saw it was him. he came in a few seconds after me
  • even tho he was busy with whatever he was putting in his locker, i was drying my hands off and we took a look at each other, and again, my shy self looks away right away and left the locker room to sit in the other room
  • in the same aisle i was in, i was organizing the merchandise in the boxes and i heard a cart coming, so that caught my attention
  • it was him and we looked at each other and i looked away
  • whenever we passed by each other, if i saw him, he was already looking
  • while i was stocking the shampoos, he passed by with his cart and i think he was pretending that he was fixing the side of his hair, but when i turned to look at him, he was PEEKING at me while "fixing" his hair

(at that moment, yallllllll, i was just done. like, boi- don't do me like that)

(don't be peeking at me when you're tryna act slick 😩😭)

  • idk guys... the way he acts confuses me sometimes and i don't wanna be hopeful that something will develop between us. but if he does feel the same, i- i'd be sh👀k
  • i'm usually right about my intuition but i don't know what to believe bc it could go two ways: he likes me or he doesn't
  • if there are more interactions, idk whether to add them onto here, or write a new article on it... so if there are many unexpected interactions, then i'll write a new article!
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well, imma go now! stay safe out there everyone!

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