Skin care is becoming one of a girl’s top priority in the beauty side of life just how lit or glamorous can you be? One would use foundation, glow or makeup to bring about the best image in the them here is a guide to achieving those beauty results.

The skin care items you find in your beauty bag are glow crème, foundation and la crème main chanel, perfume and lipstick.

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Here are the benefits of iconic glow skin care cosmetics:

Iconic prep set and glow
Skincare meets makeup
Hydrates, refreshes, fixes, illuminates
Ultra fine shimmer for all over glow
100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

Shake well before use

It’s time to get glowing! Prep-Set-Glow is a cosmetic that refreshes and rehydrates your skin leaving you with the iconic glow effect. The multi-use spray can used to prep skin before applying makeup set a finished look or add a radiant glow to a bare face and it’s 100% Vegan.

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The wonder spray is composed extracts of cucumber and chamomile which will give you a stand out gloss effect for the required glow you prefer. It also contain Antioxidants, Green tea and Vitamin E which helps to condition your skin and lastly caffeine which add in combatting dark circles around your eyes . This skin care beauty cosmetic will leave your skin revitalised and glowing.

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