Eye makeup trends have decided to make their presence known this season. The days of putting on some mascara, and GO, are no more. This summer, mod eye makeup styles are taking over. This style will celebrate bold colors, and daring patterns and strokes. Its aesthetic is runway fashion, meshed with the edge of the 90s, and the chicness of the 60s. Needless to say, it will allow many to express themselves through the art of eye makeup. There’s no set structure to this style. There are various ways to achieve the mod look. Below are some of the trendiest mod eye makeup looks, and how to accomplish them at home. Dust off those brushes and palettes, it’s time to give your eyes a glow up!

Double Rainbow Wings

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First, use a blender brush to blend a light, neutral shade all over both eyelids. Then, use a medium-angled eyeshadow brush, and brush a brown shade in a winged pattern. Do this from mid to lower lids. Use one of your gel eyeliners, and glide on the lower lid to create a winged pattern. Grab your second color of gel eyeliner, and gently line below your waterline. Do this until you achieve the boldness you’d like to achieve. Then grab your black liquid eyeliner and do a wide-winged stroke. Apply mascara to finish your look!

Electric Base

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Use an angled and dense brush, and blend the bold, or “electric” color of your choice. Make sure to do it enough so it’s strong. Finish off with mascara.

Angel Eyes

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This look will yield the best results when using bold shades of either blue, green, or purple. Use a pointed blending brush, and begin to blend a cream or white shadow over your lids. This will be your base color. Clean the brush off, and start gently applying your bold color on your mid and lower lids. Use tiny, circular strokes with a pointed-liner brush, below your waterline, in order to achieve the “airy” aesthetic of this style. Make sure to line widely so it creates a halo effect. Finish off with mascara.

Rocker Babe

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Use your darker-colored liquid eyeliner to create a high angled winged line from the middle of your eyelid, out. Then, use your angled liner brush to shade in a foiled eyeshadow that complements the other colors, into the inner corners of your eyes.

Color Dash

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Grab your liner brush, wet the brush tip a bit, then apply your eyeshadow color of choice. The wetness will help the intensity of the color, and it will also apply on with more precision. Brush the color below your waterline, into a winged pattern. Repeat until you have achieved the color intensity you wish. Finish off with mascara.

Mod Cat

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Start by using your blending brush to brush on a cream eyeshadow. This will be your base color. Then, brush on a foiled-taupe eyeshadow on your eyelid. Next, add a copper eyeshadow on your eyelids. Use a white eyeliner on your water lines. This will make your eyes pop. Finally, use the black liquid eyeliner to line your eyes. Take into a wing and then across the midsection of your lids. Follow the arch shade of your eyes. Use the black liquid liner, and gently line below the water lines. Do it at an angle. Finish off with the mascara of your choice.