In childhood, when we all were reading fairy tales, all the stories were ending on the happy note. And they all start living happily............

As you grow up the gap between happiness and you increases.
In childhood you faces very few moments of to be unhappy or sad and when you grow up situation becomes exactly opposite !

And we started saying “I just want to be happy!”
The fundamental reason why happiness is so important in our life because it help us achieve many other cherished personal ambitions and goals.
Is really happiness is difficult to being in our lives?

Wikipedia says, "Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”
As we grow up your parents, friends, your boss took the control of your life. And you started blaming others for every situation in your life.
I am sad because of...
I am in tension because of...
I am afraid because of .....
I am happy because of......

Means you have become dependent on situations, people. They are controlling your life. When it comes to what other people think about you, it is important to understand from you that they are they're just opinions.

It’s not necessary that it is the truth.
Take the responsibility of your own life because everything happens within you.

Joy, Happiness, Fear, Pain everything is determined by you only. When you will have a control of your life, then you will understand why you are having pain and you will avoid that next time.

Happiness does not depend on situations and people’s behavior. Happiness is how we respond the situations or people.

Many people says that I will buy a luxury car then I will be happy, I will be happy when I will have latest mobile handset, I will be happy when I will buy new home.

People search happiness in external things. These physical things gives you the pleasure for few moments. Happiness is not the destination ,it is the journey.

If you want to be truly happy accept the fact that everything you are experiencing in life is a perception of your own thoughts.

Then the question is where and how I will get happiness?

When you will start living in present ,you will feel happy
When you will feel gratitude about you are alive, you will feel happy
When you will accept yourself as it is and accept your uniqueness, you will be happy.
There are few things which will help your happiness.