Wet clothes, stained hands and an empty head. It didn’t feel real at all at first but that voice startled me and i went back to life. « are you happy ? » i looked at that girl in front of me, she was really short and her molotov hair covered her facial features well. She approached me and said « is this your first time ? » i nodded quietly « let’s go » she held my hand and i noticed that she has stained hands as well. We started walking in the woods and the petrichor filled my nose nostrils, it felt really good to the point that i forgot about my lassitude. At that moment i wanted to find a good adjective that could describe my feelings and the word ‘serendipity’ was suitable. I’ve never felt this much of peace before, i smiled a bit and raised my head to look at the sky, it was raining so heavily and i loved it.
« what is your name ? » i asked hesitantly. « i am Aurora » she replied and faced me « can i ask you something ? ». i said « yeah sure ». she frozed for a moment and lifted her hair a bit so i could see her eyes « what is the purpose from life ? ». here we go, the question that i was waiting for since so damn long, i know why is she asking me this, i know everything and that’s exactly why am i here, because i want her to help me with this, i want her to take this dead soul and free me from that prison, from my body. I took a deep breath and i knew that my answer won’t satisfy her and that’s what i want. I said « death, we survive to die at the end » she looked at me and raised her left eyebrow « so you came here because you want it ? » « what else then ? no one makes it alive when they answer you » « but no one came here by their willingness honey » « well i’m asking for it » she sighed and said that very expected question « then why didn’t you do it by yourself ? there’s a lot of more propriate ways to end your life than my way ? » i smiled. « because i want to torture this body as much as it tortured me ».
She didn’t say a word, she just pointed at the judas cradle under an old tree