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Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 14:45 o'clock (or 2:45 pm)

Yesterday I went out with my best friend and we had so much fun together. As we were sitting at our favorite coffee shop I was thinking just about everything which happened in my life so far. To be honest, last few months I am doing it quite often and yesterday was no exception, especially when I was walking home. Currently I am 25 years old and although I see I am not a child anymore, there is still so much stuff I need to learn about life. And because I always need to grow as a person and I can't stand being stuck at the same place, I am often thinking about my past and I am trying everything I can not to make the same mistakes again.

So, since today I have a "chill day" (basically it means I am wearing sweatpants and my bro's old t-shirt, I am just watching TV, reorganizing my room and preparing myself mentally for the new chapter of my life because I decided to change a few things which I am not satisfied with) I decided to write a new article. This time it will be about all the stuff which I've learned so far. I hope you'll like it and it will inspire you 😊

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1) It's okay if you don't get what (or who) you want.

Okay so, the first lesson will be mainly about crushes. It probably happened to you as well - you really liked someone, you pictured your future together with them or you just tried everything you could to make them like you. But it didn't work out. In extreme cases, after they learned about your feelings towards them, they started to hate you.
Why it is actually a win?: You would never be happy with them because apparently, you two are completely different. So instead of wasting your time with someone who clearly isn't a match for you, you have enough time and space to meet someone who is much more suitable for you. Besides, if your crush gossips about you and is cruel towards you, it is a very clear sign they are simply immature and therefore not worth your time. Trust me.

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2) If you work too hard and you are still underappreciated, maybe it's time to move on.

First things first, I am not trying to say you should give up. But! If you did everything you could and you still don't get enough appreciation for your hard work, it is a sign that you should focus on something else or just change the direction. It doesn't matter if it is about your crush, school or your boss at work, if you simply see it does not lead anywhere, just move on. When it comes to your crush, just accept the fact that they don't like you back and stop texting them. If they liked you, you two would hang out and they would initiate a date or just simply ask you out. If you have problems in school, particularly if you are already a college student, maybe you have simply chosen the wrong subject to study. It is never too late to start again and it doesn't matter how long does it take to make it. The important thing is to be patient and work hard. But if you see that it leads nowhere and you did everything you could and it still wasn't enough, then take it as a sign that you have probably chosen the wrong direction. If the situation is so bad that you started to have health issues, then it is clear. Although making your dreams come true and working on them is important, your health (both physical and mental) should be always on the first place in your personal list of priorities.
So what to do?: If you really tried everything and nothing has changed, either change the school or work or try to do something else. Of course, if you are still in middle or high school, you need to finish your education 😄 But if you already are attending college and you see it is leading nowhere, don't be afraid to start over at a new school. We all make mistakes. The same goes if you are working already - so what, you choosed the wrong career path. It is completely okay if you still didn't figure out what you want to do even during your twenties. Did you know Alan Rickman became an actor at the age of 42?

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3) You are not alone.

Just because they don't talk about it in front of you, it doesn't mean they don't see it. Let's just say I faced this quite often when I was a teenager - for example, I noticed how cruel some people act, how they use everyone around them and I was surprised how the hell the others still treat them nicely. When it comes to me, if I hate someone I can barely greet them or look at them, so why are the others friendly towards them? As I later figured it out, it was simply an act of politeness. In conclusion, everyone knew about the real intentions of that person.
So, what to do?: It is pointless to think the others are naive or blind. And what is more pointless is to talk about those people how mean they are. First things first, maybe they had a good reason to act that way and second things second, others notice this kind of behavior too.
Never do this!: Never criticize them behind their back. At the end of the day, you will end up as the bad one. Most people are very sensitive and easily hurt when you say something about them they don't like.

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4) Losing toxic people is always a win.

I already mentioned this one in one of my diary articles, so I'll be very brief. In conclusion, you didn't lose anyone, you actually gained a lot. I know it hurts when they disappeared from your life and you have so many awesome memories together but trust me, if they were your real friends or your one true love they would never leave you. Of course, there will be a period of time when you two won't talk much, everyone of us sometimes needs their time to organize their lives and deal with some issues which aren't really linked to anyone but themselves. But they always come back and everything will be okay. And most importantly - real friends will never use you for their own benefits.
What to do?: Focus on those people who surround you and already like you the way you are. Spend time with your own interests and soon you will forget about them 😊 When it comes to me, books, my dog, music and my favorite apps (particularly WeHeartIt and Instagram) always help me to feel better, when I immediately need it 😊

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5) Never settle for less.

During one of my sessions with my psychologist (what? mental health is important) he said to me that sometimes I am way too modest, even if I don't need to be. Looking back at some situations of my life he was actually right. I wasn't really happy because of my choices and when I was, it was all because I felt too stupid to let it out because it is not what I really wanted. Deep down I knew I made a mistake but I didn't want to hurt anyone, however, I did hurt myself.
What to do?: Always go after what you really want and be patient. Good things take time.

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6) If it's meant to be, it will be.

It is a fact that our lives are all in our hands. Then there is manifestation, motivational quotes and chasing you dreams. But there is one thing many people keep forgetting - some things simply aren't meant to be. It doesn't matter if it about relationships, your dreams or career. And trust me, it is way better as it. On the other hand, sometimes the point is simply a life lesson.
How to deal with it: Keep calm. It is pointless to stress out. Some situations in your life are meant to teach you something and it's okay.

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7) Have fun with them till they are around.

Especially in your twenties there will be a lot of people who will be in your life temporary. Some will disappear after a few days, some will stay longer and some will stay forever.
My advice: If someone seems nice and fun to be with, give them a chance,have fun with them and wait. If they stop talking to you it can be for various reasons - and one of them is simply you two are too different and no longer have anything in common. But that is a part of growing up. When it comes to me, some of my friends are considered "fun friends" - those ones who you go partying with but you rarely talk about anything serious. Which is okay because after all, we all need someone to have have with 😊

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So I guess it will be all for today. Right now it's 16:42 o'clock (or 4:42 pm) and as you can see, writting articles always takes time 😁 It was not easy to organize my thoughts and write a meaningful article, especially if we all keep in mind that english is actually my third language. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you are going through anything which is mentioned in the article, don't worry, you'll make it 😇

Anyway, gotta go.

See ya in da next article.

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