Hi everyone!

I'm here to tell you about my writing routine, since a huge dream of mine is to publish books in the future, and I'm sure most of you feel some sort of similarities towards it. Don't forget that everything won't work for everyone, even if these tips/habits is not necessarily about the writing itself. Of course find out what works for you, and what fits your schedule.

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Step 1: find a habit
So, how do you even find a habit?
Planning. Always plan it into your daily routine, whether you're someone who's working full time, part time or are still in school. 5 minutes a day is amazing, one sentence a day as well etc etc. Not writing at all is okay as well, remember that your mental health is important, and no matter how much or little you work, you need the rest.

Find what truly works for you, and let it take time.

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Do not give up on your work, you're doing amazing

Step 2: take breaks
My favorite step, haha. Take regular breaks, depending on how long you can work on writing before you get tired. Staring at your own text, or at a computer over all, takes a lot from us. Resting, refreshing our minds will make it easier to focus, and make it easier to spot mistakes if you're proofreading your text.

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Step 3: dare to ask for help
Once you feel like your book, novel or short story, is done, be brave enough to ask someone to read it. How much your pride tells you not to, it is really helpful. They have never read your text before, and can help you spot mistakes that is easy to miss when reading your own text.

Remember that you are not a bad writer just because you ask for help, and then receive it. You're just working on your text, like we need to do.

Step 4: do not give up
How tempting it might be to give up once your book is done, and no publisher is answering you, do not give up. Amazing work won't come to us over night, even if it feels like that.

I believe that the tearm "overnight" makes us think that everything happens quick, even if it takes work. So please, keep up your faith on your story, someone is going to want to read what you have to tell. Keep fighting.

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You'll get there, I promise
Cover photo by; Pure Julia on Unsplash