Hello there, it´s Bia and this is my first time writing here, so I decided to do this trend of describing yourself in pictures. Hope you guys enjoy!

inspired by:



Image by baby movie, quotes, and reality image art, artist, and search image daydreaming, Dream, and post image Image by Private User meme, funny, and me image


brown hair, earrings, and kpop image Ziggy Stardust and glittery nails image makeup, style, and eyeshadow image aesthetic, body, and female image
short brown hair, short nails (anxiety things), brown hair and not actually my body type but the closest i got
fashion, black, and outfit image fashion, girl, and jeans image aesthetic, outfit, and style image fashion and necklace image

clothing style not exactly how i wanted but that´s it


art, painting, and bottles image black and white, camera, and photos image Image by Twoj Gospodin pulp fiction, music, and song image

music taste

Image by zanzibar, anasya france. of monsters and men and mountain sounds image aurora, red, and aksnes image hozier, like real people do, and song image
some of my favourite musicians to represent my love for indie, rock and folk

tv show and movies

quote, sad, and beauty image skam, sana, and chris image KAYA SCODELARIO, series, and netflix image the queens gambit image
Anne WIth an E, Skam, Spinning Out, The Queens Gambit

celebrity crushes

jessie mei li image Harry Styles, grammys, and smile image awards, the queens gambit, and beauty image richard madden image
oh the brits
archive, highlights, and pink image archive, highlights, and pink image aesthetic, color, and dark image colors image Image by Alice Day color, colour, and twitter pack image

colours l353130436lection


food, feijoada, and brazilian food image garlic, oregano, and ottolenghi image food image food, pizza, and cheese image

places to visit

Image by Sydney bali, beautiful, and summer image architecture, city, and scotland image cairo, lady diana, and desert image
Iceland, Indonesia Scotland, Egypt


again, cinema, and cut image yoga, fitness, and fit image immigration, citizenship, and uaevisa image kendall jenner, model, and Kendall image

my roots

lovely, follow me, and tumblr da pandiinha image monalisa, funny, and mona lisa image brasil, brazil, and building image buildings, ceu, and rebel image

That was it! A little bit about me.

thanks <3