Hi guys!! I'm back today, and I decided to post a list with my top 5 romance animes. Animes became my new addiction during quarantine, so I got really excited to do this list!
I hope you guys like it. Feel free to send me dms with your opinions and anime recs.

1) Given

This anime broke my heart and then glued it again and filled it with love! It's a BL, and It talks about some difficult stuff, but it also has some good songs, great and funny characters and it's really short! I finished it in one night (12 ep + 1 movie)

anime, icon, and given image given image anime image anime, manga, and yuki image

2) Kamisama Hajimemashita

This anime is just soooo good, I def. recommend this to anyone who loves romance! I just love the friendships in it, and I'm completely in love with Tomoe S2.

anime, nanami, and tomoe image anime, tomoe, and nanami image anime, flute, and kamisama kiss image tomoe, mizuki, and nanami image

3) Fruits Basket

This anime is SO GOOD, it definitely has some more drama and sad backstories to it than Kamisama, but I love the Sohma family, and Thoru is just so cute. The last season is being released every week now, and I get sooo excited just by thinking about the next episode.
Also, why are they so pretty ? Seriously, I can't.

fruits basket and tohru honda image anime, anime girl, and love image anime, anime icons, and icons image fruits basket, anime, and yuki image

4) Yuri on Ice

This is another BL, its really small and you can also finish it in 1 afternoon! It's really funny, and its also such a heartwarming story.

gif, yuri, and yuri on ice image anime, gif, and cute image yuri on ice and anime image Image by Eve Barreto

5) Horimiya

One of my favorite anime couples, Miyamura is just such a great boyfriend, and they are couple goals most of the time. This is a really cute, light and interesting anime, definitely a great way to invest your time!

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This is it for today! Hope you guys like it. Feel free to Dm me with your comments and recommendations!
Kisses, Ana.