I have tried to find anything about vagus on WeHeartIt but I was surprised couldn’t locate one single article or post about it. Since I love WeHeartIt this is going to be awesome that I am first to write about it.(or I tried wrong hash tag)
As most ofpeople that live with anxiety I tried everything I could find online to ease physical symptoms of anxiety which is what makes anxiety unbearable. If there was no that appalling feel in our muscles and inner organs anxiety would be so much less notorious. During years of many things that I tried had more or less low impact. It would make difference that was equivalent of applying one piece of toilet paper on smaller wound. Interestingly, of all numberless things I read one thing I didn’t want to try was any breathing technique. It seemed ridiculous for such serious thing as anxiety. So I never gave it chance until month ago. Of course, thing that I avoided as something that must be useless showed u to be best , most practical method ever.
Diaphragmatic breathing influences vagus nerve . It is sort of gym for vagus. It tones nerve as it would muscle. Vagus nerve is nerve that is stretching from brain down. Vagus works for parasympathetic system calming body down when it’s in adrenal state, when we are nervous or upset in any way. Well toned vagus means we will balance our anxiety much faster when it happens. It really deserves name magical. When you are aware of its function you can have much more control of your anxiety than you ever did and your whole body. It is very simple technique to apply.

1. Breath in your stomach and watch it grow.
2. Hold two seconds.
3. Breath out slowly for around eight seconds. Don’t overdo.

This is utterly simple, effective and ever available method so I decided to finish article honestly. Not saying something like `hope this will help` I will say please try this just one day of your life and remember it when you feel terrible. I wish you to be at peace as another person with anxiety.