Hi loves!
As you may know, it's currently May which signifies Mental Health Awareness month. The aim of this month is to de-stigmatize mental health and create a safe and open place for people to share their stories and provide help for other people. For other additional resources, check this page out!

Bad mental health may lead to suicidal thoughts or feelings of not wanting to be here anymore. I understand how hard these thoughts can be to beat or escape from so I thought I would try and help some people out by providing 100 reasons to keep going! Please remember that your struggles are valid, no matter what and please remember that you are worth so much more than your brain is telling you.

100 reasons to keep going! <3

1. Seeing your favourite singers/bands in concert
2. Meeting the love of your life
3. Watching the sunset in Summer
4. Watching the sunrise in Summer
5. Discovering new music
6. Smiling at random people in the street, knowing it could've made their day
7. Buying candles in scents you didn't know existed
8. Trying foods from different areas/cultures
9. Participating in something you once thought you hated, only to turn out enjoying it
10. Experiencing a white Christmas
11. Being able to give back to everyone who has helped you
12. Finishing your favourite TV show/film series/book series
13. Trying all the different kinds of coffee
14. Feeling the sun's warmth against you during Summer
15. The feeling of accomplishment when you graduate
16. Finishing something which you've been procrastinating for a while
17. Enjoying your next midnight snack
18. Doing carpool karaoke with your friends in the car
19. Wearing your next pair of fuzzy socks
20. Seeing your favourite person smile
21. The sound of rain against your window at night
22. Completing the really hard level of that game you're stuck on
23. Baking something which turns out extremely badly and watching everyone burst into laughter
24. Getting into fresh, clean bedsheets after a tough day
25. Cleaning your room after you've finally found the motivation you've been lacking for a while


26. Laughing with someone until your stomach hurts
27. Trying out all the hairstyles/outfits/makeup looks you have saved on pinterest
28. Watching your future kids grow old
29. Having a raindrop race (seeing which raindrop hits the bottom of the window on your car)
30. Making daisy chains in the middle of spring
31. Finally understanding something in school which you've been clueless about for months
32. Finding your name on a product in a store
33. Going skiing and drinking a hot chocolate after to warm up
34. Reading a book/Watching a film which makes you cry tears of happiness
35. Getting tattoos and explaining the meaning when people ask about them
36. Finding sand in your bag/shoes, weeks after you went to the beach
37. The feeling of pride when people confide in you with a secret
38. Being able to speak out on something you're passionate about
39. Experiencing Women finally gaining equality
40. Trying weird food combos you found on online which taste awful but at least they make you laugh
41. Being kicked out of somewhere
42. Feeling rebellious after you break your first law
43. The smugness you feel when you overhear the gossip in somebody else's conversation
44. Free drinks at the hairdresser
45. Buying second hand books which are already annotated and seeing other's interpretations
46. Reading your favourite childhood book to your children one day
47. Waking up in the morning and being told you're off school for a snow day
48. Going to theme parks and screaming on rides
49. Introducing somebody to a song and watching them listen to it all the time after
50. Being able to help a cause which means a lot to you


51. Reminiscing on happy memories of the past
52. Beating your high score on just dance
53. Being at the top of the leaderboard in a game
54. The feeling of confidence when you achieve the perfect winged liner
55. Learning a new language and being able to communicate with others
56. Telling people your favourite fact
57. Telling people your favourite joke
58. The rush of adrenaline when you almost miss a bus/train but running and making it in time
59. Completing a really complex puzzle which you received as a gift a few years ago but have never used
60. Hugging your pet and telling them how your day went
61. Eating alphabet spaghetti and using the letters to spell out a word
62. Hanging up Christmas decorations listening to Christmas music
63. Planning and wearing the best Halloween costume
64. Finally breaking into your new shoes and realising they don't hurt anymore
65. Having a high enough battery percentage so you're able to turn over in bed and face the other way
66. Flipping over your pillow and feeling the cold side
67. Watching the moon and stars at night
68. Successfully cracking an egg so the eggshells don't go everywhere and make a mess
69. Going into thrift shops and finding amazing clothes for super cheap prices
70. Learning an instrument & playing your favourite songs
71. Waiting for your favourite band/group to reunite
72. Finally learning how to climb a tree, sitting at the top and watching the world go by
73. Collecting seashells at the beach
74. Quoting your favourite show/book/music, and the person you're quoting it to understands your refrence
75. Watching the world find a cure for an illness


76. Being at your best friend/sibling's wedding instead of a 'wish you were here' card
77. Writing a book about your life and sharing your story with others
78. Confessing to a secret which you've kept hidden for a while
79. Ordering a parcel and feeling excited as you wait for it to come
80. Going to the train station and waiting for somebody you haven't seen in a while
81. Handing out candy to happy children on Halloween
82. Finally deciding where to place that sticker
83. Seeing the rainbow appear in the sky after the rain
84. Buying that expensive item you've been trying to justify buying due to the price
85. Finding somebody who remembers something really nostalgic about your childhood and relates
86. Falling asleep next to somebody whilst watching a movie
87. Being kissed in the rain like in the movies
88. Feeling proud and excited when you own your first apartment/house
89. Watching your favourite youtuber's new video
90. Having a huge breakfast like the ones in the American TV shows
91. Staying up late texting somebody knowing you'll be tired the next day but it was worth it
92. Making a wish at 11:11
93. Watching a tv show and finding a character you relate to
94. Outliving people you dislike
95. Finding something old you own which is worth a lot of money and selling it
96. Doing that thing your parents would never let you do
97. Riding on every line at the underground station
98. Being able to go on a late night walk and not being scared of the unknown
99. The face of disgust you make once you've ate a really sour sweet and try to get rid of the taste on your tongue
100. Looking back and realising how far you've come, understanding that things do get better <3