hey love,

recently i've made the big decision to start the journey of self love and self heal. this is a big deal considering i though i'd never make this decision and i've been struggling through my depression and anxiety for years now. in light of this big change i thought i would share with you how to prioritise your mental health so that maybe you can start the journey too. get some snacks and enjoy :)

1. identify your stressors

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the first thing you should do when your facing your mental obstacles is to identify what they are exactly. take a look at what stresses you out and put each thing from most important to least and you can number those stressors on a scale of 1-10. this can help you figure out where to focus, but do one task at a time. definetely don't put pressure on yourself, have patience and compassion for yourself. baby steps are a good way to start and setting realistic goals for each task is also helpful.

2. set boundaries to avoid negativity

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after making your list of mental health priorities, set boundaries. boundaries are healthy and don't create negative behavior from coming at you. let people know what you won't tolerate. setting these goals doesn't only apply to your friends but to yourself too. challenge your negative self-talk, you can create unnecessary anxiety and depression when you listen to every thought you have. an example of this is social media, set some time aside to do something other than scroll endlessly. finally, let go of the fomo (fear of missing out) your important and people love to be with you, but if you are a people pleaser like me then say no more often. things work out even if you aren't a part of it.

3. prioritize exercise

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this is going to be difficult, considering that exercise gives me anxiety. but going to the gym is not only about physical health but it plays a role in your mental health. it doesn't have to be time consuming either, working out for 15-30 minutes for three days a week is a good start. starting small at the gym like a treadmill, eliptical, cycle etc are all good ways to get into it.

4. take mental breaks

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all of this is already a lot, prioritising things, setting goals, it will get stressful. incorporating mindfulness into your daily activities allows the ability to be present, free from distraction, with an open mind and a kind heart. you can do this by bringing more awareness and compassion to the things that you are already doing such as during your commute or while eating a meal. take a few moments to fully focus on one task, even if it's a small task and putting all other thoughts away, can really benefit your mental health.

5. finally, call in the professionals

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i know your putting off setting up an appointment for a therapist. make. the. call. introductory sessions are usually intended for you to get a sense of a therapist's style and personality. if you two don't feel connected then don't feel bad about moving on. not all therapists just take a seat back and listen, find one that is proactive for you and can give you information and tools to help you and can hold you accountable to make sure your improving on your mental health.

i hope you guys liked this article and found it helpful, this journey that you take to improved well being and mental health is a slow winding journey. this is all researched by the way because i want you to have the best information and i hope y'all stay safe.

~ rumina