Take Flight and learn why a flight attendant job may be for you!

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1. The obvious, You love/like to travel

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I've been lucky enough to grow up traveling. My mom is a flight attendant and I've been to fascinating places like Peru, London/Paris, Costa Rica and Spain.

2. You like a spontaneous lifestyle

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You could be exploring New York City or Miami one day and heading to Paris the next! You have to be on your feet constantly and starting out you constantly have to get called in on short notice. You might have 2 to 3 hours to get ready and jet off to Paris.

3. Short or long layovers

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My mom has gotten to spend 3-4 to 5 days in Hawaii on a long layover.
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You could have a short layover in a cute city, only 2 days or only 8 hours!

The short layovers are something to keep in mind. But, you can't beat flying for free or very little cost.

4. You enjoy hospitality

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You might meet some really nice people on your flights. But some aren't so nice. You have to meet their needs on the flight like preparing their food/drinks or emergency situations.

5. You LOVE airports

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Growing up traveling and having my mom as a flight attendant, it made me fall in love with airports at a young age.
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People from all over the world could be at your airport, such as Denver International Airport.
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You don't mind waiting for hours for your flight. With seniority, you won't have to wait as much, if at all, to get a flight. But, when you start you might have to wait for hours on a flight that you might not be needed on at all. But, you could spontaneously get to go to Hawaii and lay on the beach. So you never know!

6. You enjoy dressing up and wearing heels

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Most airlines will want you to wear your hair a certain way, such as a French twist.
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Of course you have uniform policy, but you can always add your own touch by minimalistic jewelry or gloves. I like that old fashioned glove look and my mom did too when she was young.
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You enjoy wearing heels. I LOVE heeled shoes and while I don't like a super high heel, the airlines want you to get a nice polished black heeled shoe while you're in the airport and boarding and saying goodbye to passengers. But, while you're in the air you can change into flats for comfort.
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The flight attendant signature scarves, my favorite is American Airlines. Although, I wish they had a polka dot scarf to go with an airlines uniform.

7. You LOVE staying in different hotels

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My mom has had her fair share of hotels. But, one of the benefits of hotels is not only beautiful views such as a beach front my mom has had many times. But, because you're a flight attendant its free!
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My mom has stayed in 5 star hotels in different states and countries such as Paris. One time, she was RIGHT in front of the Eiffel Tower!
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But, unfortunately most hotels aren't as luxurious as a beach front or in front of the Eiffel Tower. But, its somewhere to sleep and a new place, so go and enjoy!

8. You make flight attendant friends

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My mom always has so many stories coming home from her trips, she's been doing it so long since she was 22. Although I won't tell you her age now :D. But, she has many flight attendant friends and two that have been lifelong.

9. You enjoy doing makeup

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My moms signature is brown eyeliner and a red lip of course. She gets false lashes sometimes and always spends good money on her foundation. She says they can be strict on your complexion, so she really takes her time with makeup and her skincare routine.
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She reapplies in airport bathrooms or keeps a compact mirror in her bag to reapply.

10. You're an early bird

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When you're a flight attendant you're up before the suns up usually.
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But, you could wake up in a city like Paris (can you tell it's my favorite) and get ready for your flight.
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But it can be nice because you'll be heading to the airport and barely anyone will be there. So if you like your quiet mornings like me, this can be a benefit.

11. You enjoy packing

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Some people enjoy packing for a trip. My mom packs for different weather because sometimes you just don't know what to expect.
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You pack your essentials such as makeup, toothbrush, sunscreen, snacks in your duffle bag.

12. As a flight attendant, who doesn't want to meet a cute pilot?

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Some flight attendants do marry pilots of course!
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Hello, their very handsome!
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If you date or marry one, like my mom, you can always have the benefit of hanging out in the cockpit.
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In my opinion, it's the most beautiful part of the plane.

13. You love a traveling lifestyle

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Its not JUST a job, it's a lifestyle too and with so many incredible places to visit, take flight and become a flight attendant!