The girl who laughs when she is truly happy is also the girl who cries alone in her room by herself. She prefers solace in the comfort of her own space it is her safe haven. She knows she isn't the only one to feel the real pain of letting go of your first love. To let go of an attachment that's no longer there to accept that the person who was her everything has changed. A man or a guy whichever description works best. He was her friend first then her boyfriend, he was also her companion and a passionate lover. The hardest part, what hurts the most is trying to be friends after that only staying in touch somewhat with him. The harsh reality of we aren't together anymore, we're broken up. When all of it doesn't work she was left feeling numb and crying over the little things. That's how she knew it was broken and that relationship whether it can be fixed or not it's going to take a whole lot of time for both of them. It is not the case that you are the only hurt party your ex is hurting too. It's an emotional realization that you were able to love someone this deeply to where you're too blind to see another side to them and then you see it and it scares you.

Remember that the girl who cries can also feel the most devastation. Simply from growing, learning, and living with this person and she's healing from what feels like an unfortunate loss of her first long-term relationship. This relationship consisted of fun day trips, dates, and everything in between. It took her time and strength, a whole lot of extra willpower to move on from someone who was right for her at the time but who is no longer right for her in the present. Healing is difficult especially for her it's important to know you are never alone... It's life and sometimes it takes us at least two days and an ex-boyfriend setting me straight to know what I have to do to maintain a sense of control for mine. I have been consumed by grief and so very lost in my emotions. But that girl who smiles and who mistakenly obsesses over a boy, that girl needs me to let go and move on.

Your next chapter will always need you and the path ahead shouldn't frighten you because that uncertaintiy is meant to exciting! Keep faith in your journey