We all have those days where we feel stressed, tired, and bored, when we no longer have a reason to go on. Here are some quotes from texts and poems that improve my day every time I read them. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!

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Always remember that your peace of mind is the most important. Take care of your mental health! <3
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Before you can love someone, it is important to love yourself.
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Do what you love with passion and you will see how well it turns out
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Life is a constant teaching, sometimes it puts people in your path that although they may not stay, they will leave you a valuable teaching.
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Remember to be grateful for what you have, what you know and what you have learned.
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You should never apologize for what you feel, even if it doesn't make you happy to feel it, you had a chance to feel it and learn something about it.

*And I know you're a little insecure and you think just a little
too much, but for all the times you think you're not what
someone needs, I'm thinking that you are*