Name: Zar
Comes from Heavendorff


flowers, aesthetic, and summer image Image by :D aesthetic, inspiracion, and maquillaje image rose, girl, and mole image
Dark brown medium hair, dark brown eyes, freckles and a mole over the right side of her lips


water, aesthetic, and green image aesthetics, beauty, and clouds image planting and plants image fire, power, and hand image
Control over the elements


aesthetic, cartoon, and disney image compassionate, words, and loyal image comics, quotes, and retro image black text, live, and quotes image
Funny, empath, THAT BITCH PERIOD, confident, uplifting, positive, super creative and original.


fit, fitness, and gym image aesthetic, icon, and vibe image art, painting, and artist image aesthetic, cigarettes, and music image
WEIGHTLIFTING YAS!!, photography, painting, music. Shes always listening to music. She loves creating jewelry and creating content.

Casual style

fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and clothes image Balenciaga, blogger, and fashion image fashion and outfit image black and dark image style, fashion, and outfit image Image by lapetitemort outfit, outfits, and city image

Glam style

fashion, black, and dress image beautiful image fashion, dress, and style image dress, beautiful, and elie saab image dress, white, and wedding image Image by frida hedström

Fairy look

Image by lilu beautiful, details, and fashion image green, jewelry, and rings image wings, beautiful, and brown image


eyes, glitter, and inspo image eyeshadow, makeup, and beautiful image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image Image by Deepix Grey
Zar would normally not wear makeup but when she does she experiments with colors. Always red lips even in no makeup days.


Image by ˗ˋ┊͙SarahahAh┊͙ˊ˗ cocker spaniel, puppy, and cute image


chris evans image actor, chris hemsworth, and Hot image handsome, celebrities, and sexy image Image by NEVER STOP DREAMING
soo...yeah...she will have multiple boyfriends lmaoooo

Anyways, thank u for reading babes!