Hello, dear community!

Today I will be writing about how I fought and still fighting anxiety;
why anxiety? simply because everyone has or will have it in a certain period of his life.

As a starting point we should all set something clear, Anxiety is natural, it's just how our body reacts to stress perceived from either work , school or any other task we need to do or a goal we need to achieve. Starting from accepting it will really help a lot in managing it afterward.

1. Life is a roller coaster
I like to picture my life as a roller coaster. At first, we feel so afraid of going through with it to the point that we just want to leave never trying it, never knowing how it feels to have this adventure, once we are there all we think about is the horrifying experience and we keep asking questions such as: what if something went wrong. By the end, the roller coaster is stopped and we are all fine, the only thing we keep on remembring is the amount of adrenaline we produced in the 10 minutes we just had, the adventure we had, and that we will talk about it for many years and maybe even keep pictures from it stuck into our wall.

Well, life is just the same, we have no control over it though we need to take the adventure, not thinking of how should it work and certainly not asking questions that we can't answer, by the end when we get old, we will remember nothing but our experiences, our mistakes, and our bad decisions because it is then when we really felt like LIVING.

2. Exterminate any negative thought
At first, it seems impossible to just stop thinking negatively, but it is not as hard as we imagine it is.
I had a hard time dealing with it too but I could develop a way that helped a lot. Whenever I have good thoughts I would focus on them and write them down as I keep repeating them so that they can dominate my thinking a few times. Hence, whenever I have a negative thought I would immediately focus on something else, either it's the sound of my footsteps, the sound of water, people passing by, or anything that will push my mind into exterminating the negative thought out of my system.

3. Stop listening to sad songs
Either it's a breakup song or simply an instrumental with sad vibes, just don't listen to them, pick anything else maybe even listening to something you never did listen to before but with at least positive vibes because while we listen to those sad songs all we do is sending a signal to our subconscious that we are sad and while we may feel better after a while our subconscious won't update itself and the sad feeling will remain there forever and will cause us to be sad even when we are extremely happy.

At last, I hope you liked this article and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to mention them.
Have a wonderful day!