Since Shadow and Bone premiered couple of days ago, I wanted to make a tag and answer questions about the Grishaverse books. I might make one where I will be talking about my thoughts on the show.
This will contain spoilers for Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows

Favorite Grishaverse series

aesthetic, black, and crow image black, gloves, and man image street and london image aesthetic and nothing but thieves image
Six of Crows duology

Favorite Shadow and Bone character

boy, froy gutierrez, and froy image crown, princess, and gold image boats, hair, and mermaid image animal, cute, and fox image
Nikolai Lantsov

Favorite Shadow and Bone ship

aesthetic and fantasy image books, quotes, and zoya image
Darklina. Although I think I like more the idea of them.

Favorite Shadow and Bone friendship

jessie mei li, shadow and bone, and alina starkov image books, netflix, and genya image
Alina and Genya

Favorite Six of Crows character

knife, aesthetic, and fantasy image pirate ship image
Inej Ghafa

Favorite Six of Crows ship

crush, desire, and dj image quotes and six of crows image
Kanej. But I love Helnik and Wesper a lot too

What country would you like to live in?

Image by romeofrancesca859 architecture, decor, and russia image

What grisha order would you like to be?

red, fashion, and velvet image nice, runway, and eg. knock image
Corporalki, specifically a heartrender

Characters you relate to

curls, redhead, and ginger image flute and music image
Wylan Van Eck

Character you would like to date

black, aesthetic, and hands image blonde, boy, and lips image
Nikolai Lantsov, he's perfect

I am currently reading King of Scars, so I didn't do questions for that.
Also, I couldn't find pictures for some of these, so that's why in the start there's four pictures, while in the rest of them there's two.

Hope you liked it! <3

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