hi im jill, and here's how I envision my dream life to be.
(inspired by leahx)

where do you imagine studying?

college, oxford university, and aesthetic image
I imagine studying at usc, oxford, harvard, or sorbonne university.

what's your dream career?

animal, veterinarian, and travel image art, girl, and aesthetic image horse, aesthetic, and equestrian image aesthetic, nutcracker, and christmas image
I imagine my dream job to be heavily involved in ballet. maybe later in life I will go to vet school, or study animation. or maybe i'll become an equestrian.

where do you imagine yourself living?

house and garden image Image by imathea pool, summer, and aesthetic image
I imagine myself living in a victorian, or maybe mid-century modern house.

any pets?

adorable, alternative, and animals image dog, puppy, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and aesthetic image
I imagine having two dogs, and two to three cats.

I hope you enjoyed!