we've known each other since eight grade. we were with each other for 4 years of friendship before we decided to date. it hurts to say goodbye to everything, it hurts to know you're no longer a constant part of my life. I don't get to see you every weekend, I don't get to hold you, I don't get to be grumpy with you for hogging the sheets, I don't get to send you that funny tik tok every time I see one. it really is the little things isn't it.

our relationship has never been easy, as soon as we crossed that line past friendship things became infinitely more complicated for us. we butted heads at almost every turn, we could never agree on what to watch, where to go, what to do. we couple agree on the simple things let alone the big important things. they say opposites attract, that doesn't mean opposites work. you had me feeling guilty for having a voice and friends and family. so much so I even started reading articles such as "20 Signs Your Partner is Controlling" only to find out you displayed 14 of the 20 listed.

we overcome 2 years along this bumpy road, but in the end, this road was never taking us towards a happy future together. this is where we separate. we each have our own fork in the road. I hope we can go back to being the good friends we use to be all those years ago. no matter the wrong doings, I'll always hold a special place in my heart for you. but for now, this is goodbye.

With love,