I'm in your arms and my heart feels warm and wide.
Fear shoots through my head.
What if I never get to hold you again like that?
But I shove those thoughts away.
I want to keep this moment in my head, as beautiful as it is.

I melt like chocolate.
You kiss my head.
Do you feel the same?
Or are you filled with fear?

Enjoy that moment as it lasts.
These moments are rare.

Like a perfect day in the sun. No cloud. No traffic. A warm breeze and the sparkling sunbeams reflected on the water.

I love you are the thoughts running through my head.

But I don't say them.
My heart breaths in the love you exhale and no words really can describe the ever floating warmth that fills our souls.

And even though I see you change and shift away, my heart stays full my soul is warm.

Falling in love means falling. It's such a rush falling. It's not a jump. A jump is calculated. A fall is a surprise. You are swept of your feet and gravity hits your whole body and every atom inside of you is alaramed.
How can this feeling not be scary and breath taking?
Some thoughts on my love life.
Hopefully I didn't jinx it with writing down my feelings ^^

Thanks for reading