Hello, thank you for clicking on this article.

Here I will be talking about my experiences,tips, tricks and struggles when it comes to running! I hope my tips might help you or that with this you realise other people may have the same struggles. If you have any tips feel free to lave them behind! They will probably help me a lot and if I am honest I need them. :)

So I started running a while ago. (If you want to know more about this you can check out my 'running journey' articles.) Something that I struggle with is breathing. I know that probably sounds stupid but I pant very fast. I don't know why it is happening or if there is something I can do against. For now I am just leaving it for what it is.

This struggle is a personal one. My face gets red very fast when I am working out. I run outside and even though this is probably not true, I always feel like people are staring. I don't believe there is anything I can do against it. I will just have to work on it by myself.

Something that helped me a lot getting motivation for running is making a Pinterest and WeHeartIt board with running pictures. Like the aesthetic ones. For some reason it motivates me and maybe it even motivates you.

This is it for now. When I come up with more I will update!!