The Everyday Ketogenic blog offers hundreds of delicious, keto-friendly recipes that anyone can enjoy. No matter your reason for doing the keto diet, this blog has something for you. One of the most popular recipes on Everyday Ketogenic is the keto iced coffee recipe. Vanilla, heavy cream, and brewed coffee come together in this recipe to create a delicious beverage that will keep you in ketosis.

Making keto iced coffee is very simple. There are only two steps involved:

Mix the ingredients in a blender to get the best results
Serve the mixture over ice and garnish with cinnamon if you want a little extra flavor

Tips for making keto iced coffee:

Storage: Keto iced coffee is best when served immediately after mixing it up, but if you need to store it, you can cover it in the fridge for about a day without ice.
Top it with whipped cream: This iced coffee is extra delicious when you top it with whipped cream. You can just use a hand mixer to whip the heavy cream and put it on the keto iced coffee when it’s done.
Other flavors: You can change up this recipe by adding different extracts like coconut, hazelnut, birthday cake, mint, etc.
Heavy cream substitute: If you’d rather not use heavy cream in this recipe, you can use coconut milk or almond milk instead. The consistency won’t be the same, but it’ll still work well.

Iced Coffee vs. Latte
Iced coffee and lattes can seem similar, but the key difference is that lattes are served with chilled milk, and iced coffees can be served black or with some cream and sugar. They’re both good, but the reason this keto iced coffee is great is that it’s healthier and will keep your body in fat-burning mode.

Making keto iced coffee with hot coffee
If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to let your brewed coffee cool down, you can make this with hot coffee. Just be sure to add more ice because it’ll melt a lot faster. To avoid making watered-down iced coffee, add a little bit of ice to the blender when you’re mixing the ingredients. This will help cool the coffee down before you pour it over ice.

Ingredients and supplies
Here’s everything you’ll need to make keto iced coffee:

Cold coffee
Heavy cream
Granulated sugar substitute
Vanilla extract
A blender

To see the full recipe and instructions, go to Everyday Ketogenic Keto Iced Coffee Recipe.