One of the best moments in my life.

back story
We were both in the same class. He looked so cute, he had deep brown hair, brown eyes. And, I too was pretty I guess. So, one day, our whole class was playing truth dare fire. And, my classmate asked him who his crush was. That's when it all started.

Notice= names changed

Valak ( crush)
Potato (me)
Hawkeye (classmate)
Snake ( valak's best friend)
Bag pack ( my boy best friend)
Froggie ( my best friend)
Banana( friend)

Sorry for the names. I couldnt think much.


Hawkeye asked Valak, who's his crush. He told her that, I will tell in the bus. Yes. Me, valak and Hawkeye used to go by same bus.
While, in the bus, he told that, his crush has 8 letters in her name. And, my name consisted of eight letters.
So, I told Hawkeye, that I had a crush on Valak. She told me that, he had a crush on me too. She suggested me, that she will tell him. I said Okay. And things went well.

And as usual, that same cute crush things started happening.
Like, writing poems, letters, etc.

We had a annual program in our school, we had to set up a dance. That day arrived, and the chief guest got late. So, we, our class and some lower grade students were told to sit in a classroom, till its our turn.

The classroom was in a building, the building had five floors, but we weren't allowed to go upper than the 2 floor. The teachers shouted if we.
So, we made up plan, and Snake, bag pack, Froggie and banana, took my crush to the five floors, secretly.

The teachers caught us, but, me, valak and bag pack, didn't get caught. I told him that I loved him, he said it back too.

That's all.
Just a bit of crazy friends, confidence and plan, makes it work out.

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